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Learn how to manage sleep in the chiropractic office
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Earn 10 Hours Board Approved Continuing Education 

Our mission is to empower chiropractors with useable clinical knowledge.

We are Board Approved (CEU) platform that uses distance learning to help doctors educate themselves and their patients to achieve the goal of all chiropractors, the maintenance practice. A well rested patient is a happy & compliant patient.

Lifestyle Approach

Join the Sleep Movement!

You will learn how to apply the latest strategies in sleep science to boost your career and grow your practice in a way that makes sense to you
and your patients.

At the completion of this course, you will be able to identify hidden sleep interrupters and how to use sleep as a health tool for better, more long lasting patient outcomes.

Research Based

Review of the Scientific Literature!

We will review the scientific literature to develop a deep understanding of how chronic sleep deprivation alters the stress response, adrenal system, and hormones like melatonin, cortisol, insulin. 

We will prove that sleep is such an important risk factor for diseases like CVD, mental health, pain, inflammation, and immune system reactivity that you will never not address it again.

For Your Career

Sleep BootCamp: 
Two Week Roadmap Back to Sleep!

Whether you want to increase your knowledge of sleep to boost your own health or the overall health of your patients, you will learn key strategies that you can immediately use tonight. 

You will be given the tools needed to confidently use patient questionnaires, handouts, behavior and supplement protocols, to manage poor sleep.

Educate Yourself & Educate Your Patients Learn the 2 Week Sleep BootCamp!
Master The Road Map Back to Better Sleep 

What's Included?

You will learn about the powerful health consequences of sleep deprivation, like decreased hand eye coordination & balance we need for exercise and sports, strength, recovery, healing, memory, learning, and immunity.

You will learn about the powerful positive effects of restorative sleep on the functional health and integrity of the whole body including the musculoskeletal system and virtually all systems in the body.

The Science of Sleep.
Earn 10 CEUS.

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Our students have
a few nice things to say about us

"Course materials were excellent, the Boot Camp is spot on and  worth the whole seminar. Dr. Landers did a good job of communicating and making it easy to understand this complicated subject."
S. Magnus
"Taking this online class here at Big Desk Seminars has been a major benefit to my practice. The course is well laid out and the Sleep Boot Camp is easy to use with my patients."
T. Harrington
"Almost every patient walks into the office with sleep issues. Now I
know how to address it properly.
Dr. Landers will answer any questions via email within 24 hours.
I highly recommend this seminar."
J. Lee
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